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Manta Global offers security and risk mitigation services for individuals, corporate clients, and the industrial sector. Having access to an experienced security team is invaluable and whether you need an individual close protection officer (CPO) or a team, we can help.


  • Close Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Consultancy
  • Crisis Response
  • Site Protection
  • Industrial Installations
  • Maritime Security
  • Surveillance

Close Protection

Feeling safe and secure comes a very close second to the vital requirements of food and water. There are many reasons why a person feels the need to be protected. It could be down to their standing in society, their wealth, or perhaps even an unresolved dispute, which has become threatening. These individuals, who may not be in a position to protect themselves from unwanted attention or threats, need to be protected by a third party—a close protection officer (CPO). All our services are tailored to suit the individual's requirements, and you can rest assured that every aspect of your security concerns will be addressed in preparing the best level of protection for you.

Asset Protection

It isn’t just people that need protection but assets, physical assets such as property, works of art, high-value goods and commodities. Insurance is, of course, based on taking certain precautions, so we can be employed to secure any of those high-value assets at key times. From assets coming on site to valuable belongings or private properties open to public viewing, Manta Global can provide the relevant experience to keep your assets secure.

Risk Consultancy

Assessment of the risks to an individual, to assets, or to an event is a key part of the security planning process. A comprehensive and thorough risk assessment and report will offer advice on any measures that should be taken in order to minimise risk. An initial audit will outline any weak areas in a security plan, followed by recommendations as to how to improve it, whether through implementation of new measures or by changing existing practices within a current plan.

On request, one of our risk consultants will carry out an assessment and audit, before providing a concise report highlighting areas that need attention. All recommendations that are made will be explained fully and any decisions on enhancing security can be made based on a clear understanding of the findings in our report.


Surveillance can be performed in two primary ways, overt or covert. The requirement for factual information has never been more prevalent than now in these modern times. Manta Global is able to provide a bespoke service for the private individual within strict timescales and budgets. We will provide clear and concise reports along with photographs, dates, times, places, GPS tracking, and contacts made during the surveillance period. This information allows the customer to make an informed decision on their course of action in confidence.

The common areas of operation are:

  • Missing persons
  • Fraud investigation
  • Personal injury / accident investigation
  • Matrimonial investigation
  • Criminal investigation
  • Observations

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