Super Recognisers

Less than 1% of the human population have an innate ability to remember and recognise faces. Our Super Recognisers (SR’s) are independently verified by academic experts as having this ability and have been repeatedly proven to outperform automated facial recognition systems – In the 2011 London Riots, the police computerised facial recognition system identified just ONE out of 4000 images of suspects. SR’s identified 40% of the images, including one officer, who identified 180 of the subjects – including several wearing scarves and masks. There are currently nearly six million CCTV cameras in the UK, and as the number of images increases, so does the need for skilled professionals to review the footage and identify the individuals that you need to find. SR’s natural ability is enhanced with world-class behavioural detection training to spot suspicious behaviour and they can provide high level, intelligence led support to security and law enforcement operations. Our Super Recognisers can be deployed in several roles:

1. Protecting VIPs & Events – Live Deployment

Too often, political activists, trouble-makers and criminals target VIPs or events in order to gather publicity for their cause or to steal valuable items. On a live deployment, SR’s will work closely with the security team to spot known offenders or anyone displaying suspicious behaviour plus those subject to banning orders or injunctions. Placed at entrances, SR’s are the ideal people to check identity documents and ensure only authorised persons gain admission. In addition, SR’s can be deployed “fast time” to find vulnerable people and missing children.

2. Post Event Analysis

Using the most up to date software available our teams review the CCTV data recorded at an event. SR’s have been successful used to identify suspects in several investigations across the world, including the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015 and to find victims in the Hillsborough Inquiry. SR’s are naturally gifted in spotting things which others may miss and as trained investigators, they know exactly what evidence they are looking for to generate a convincing case against offenders. Upon completion of the review, clients will receive a comprehensive report and debrief. In court, where the standard “guilty plea” rate for all types of cases is 64% but with SR evidence it is over 92%.

3. Image Comparison – Intelligence-Led linking of suspects & associates

If it is believed that a suspect has been responsible for several offences in different venues or that criminal associates are shown meeting in various pieces of footage, our SR’s can match the images and prepare a detailed intelligence report for the security team or authorities.