General Purpose Security Dogs (GPD) – GP security dogs are trained not only to act as an aggressive deterrent but also to search for missing persons or to track offenders. These are not just your average security dog, they will not only be a visible deterrent, but should also be able to deploy safely in a public environment. All of our dogs at WH are licensed to GP Level 2 or above.

Drugs Dogs – A drugs dog is trained in two different ways, firstly in:

  • Passive Drug Detection; passively screening people queuing to enter an event/venue. This is a fast and efficient way to reduce drug related violence and dealing. Quite often just having the presence of the dog will deter any further action.
  • Pro-Active Drug Detection – this is the searching of everything except people. Buildings, open areas and vehicles are the most common before or after an event to find drugs already in, or left within the property. These can not only be used at events but places of work/schools/colleges etc.

All drug dogs are trained to find the following – Cocaine, Heroin, Cannabis resin, Herbal cannabis, Amphetamine and MDMA

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) – We are lucky that our dog section staff members have all had live experience from the armed forces and the police dog sections. The dogs themselves are not only trained to and accredited by NASDU but are also certified annually to Home Office standards Explo level 4 allowing them to work at critical national infrastructure such as ports and national events. In conjunction with our search teams this is a strong capability that we are proud to offer. A list of active explosives that our dogs can detect and further capability of our explosive dog section is available on request.

For further information on our dog section then please email k9@whmg.co.uk  or alternatively, call the office on 01889 500164.